Pharmacy Services

Flu Vaccinations

Getting a flu shot is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from getting the flu. Your pharmacist is a great resource for preventing cases of seasonal flu, as most Peoples Pharmacist are trained and authorized to give the flu shot.

With many pharmacies open after physician's offices and public health units have closed, pharmacists in B.C. have proven themselves to be a valuable extra option for British Columbians looking for a flu shot.

You can get a free influenza shot if you:

  • have a chronic health condition,
  • are a senior,
  • are a health care worker,
  • are an emergency responder,
  • have a healthy child ages 6-23 months or have contact with a child from birth to 23 months of age,
  • are morbidly obese,
  • are Aboriginal,
  • own and operate a poultry farm,
  • are in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy,
  • are a household contact of people at high risk.

Pharmacists can provide free flu shots to those patients who qualify. Patients who are not eligible also have the option of paying for a flu shot. 

Check the list below for Peoples locations that administer flu vaccinations.

Take charge of your health. The best way to protect against seasonal flu is to get immunized every year.