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Pharmacy Services

Your Peoples Pharmacist can help you live a better life. As your community’s medication expert, and most accessible, health care professional, we are committed to providing you with the very best in pharmaceutical care and services to help you live a better life. Our commitment to your health and wellness is the reason why Peoples has been a trusted health tradition in B.C. since 1976.

Pharmacy Services Offered by Your Peoples Pharmacist

Prescription Filling

Peoples Pharmacists carefully perform the following checks

  • Confirm your personal information and medical history, including any possible allergies.
  • Check to make sure that your prescription is both accurate and complete and that your medication, its dose, quantity and directions are correct for you.
  • Check for any potential problems with your prescription, such as:
    • Allergies and contraindications to the medication prescribed.
    • Interactions between your new prescription and existing medications or medical conditions.
    • Prescription doesn’t duplicate any current therapy.
  • If required, a Peoples Pharmacist will consult with your doctor to resolve any of the above issues.
  • Provide counselling to explain the optimal use of your medication, plus offer storage and administration instructions.
  • Can provide information on your medical condition to help you effectively manage your medication therapy.

Specialty Pharmacy Services Provided by Peoples Pharmacist

Maintaining your health and wellness through prescriptions need not to be a daily challenge. Your Peoples Pharmacist is dedicated to making your life better by providing you with specialty services to conveniently manage your medications and ultimately achieve health and lifestyle goals.

For more detailed information on pharmacy services regarding your local store, go to “Find a Peoples Store” and choose your location from the pull down menu.If you click on the “Click Here To Make This location My Store” button, the store information will be readily accessible every time you access

Medication Manager

A safe and convenient way to organize your medications at home, our medication blister packaging service makes it easy for you to take your prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements each day.

Phone Refills, Online Prescription

Your time is valuable, and with your busy lifestyle, you most likely have many things on the go. To save you time, you can order your refill prescriptions in advance by phone. Some Peoples Drug Marts and Peoples Pharmacy stores also offer online prescription refills.

Medication Compounding

Medications can be custom prepared by your Peoples Pharmacist to suit your specific health needs. With a compound prescription, you get the most effective treatment, delivered in the most appropriate or convenient dosage form. A Peoples Pharmacist can make flavored suspensions for children. Creams and gels for the skin, as well as all the familiar pills, capsules, suppositories and so on.

Medication Delivery

When you are unable to pick up your prescription, some stores offer local medication delivery. Check your “My Store Page” for details.

Up-to-date Medication File

Your Peoples Pharmacist can provide you with an up-to-date medication list. Peoples Pharmacists keep medication files current, so that if you need to share your medication profile with your doctor or other health care professionals, you are assured of receiving the correct medical advice. You can also share your medication information with those who need to know by providing your medication file to your caregiver or loved ones.

Medication Reviews

This private appointment with your Peoples Pharmacist involves detailed analysis of all medications and an in-depth consultation to improve health outcomes by resolving any medication issues.

Health Clinics

Informative heath and wellness clinics are held at our locations throughout B.C. These educational clinics can help you learn about various health topics, such as diabetes management, osteoporosis and many other health issues.

Check your “My Store Page” and look in the “Store Events” tab for local details.

For information on which specialty pharmacy services are available at your local Peoples Drug Mart or Peoples Pharmacy, select your local store and click on “Make This Location My Store.” This will provide you with quick access to information and services available at “My Store”.