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Peoples Healthy Living is a comprehensive health and wellness program that incorporates healthy eating and exercise to help people live a healthier lifestyle. The Peoples Healthy Living meal plan is personalized and customized to help you lose body fat, which decreases your risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer - to name a few. The program is designed to teach you exactly what, when, why and how to eat in order to lose weight in a healthy manner so you feel better rested, more energetic, happy and healthy. 

Here is how Peoples Healthy Living works: your Peoples Pharmacist evaluates your current lifestyle and overall health. They will gather the information needed to custom-design your personalized nutrition plan. Based on your current activity level, and health, your pharmacist will suggest and assist you with an exercise program. Begin living a healthy lifestyle and start achieving your weight loss goals today by signing up for Peoples Healthy Living with your Peoples Pharmacist. 

Peoples Healthy Living Program Includes: 

  • One Year Meal Plan
    -  customized specifically for you, based on your goals, age, weight, body fat percentage, gender and food preferences. 
  • Recipes
    - easy to prepare meals based on your food choices. 
  • Daily Meal Schedule
    – the program creates a detailed meal schedule of what to eat and when. The meal schedule offers a large variety of unique and delicious meals. 
  • Grocery Shopping List
    - to make grocery shopping easy, the program creates a list of all your ingredients for meal planning. 
  • Starter Booklet
    - information to help you understand what you will need to do in order to realize your goals. 
  • Journal
    - to track your daily exercise and nutrition. 
  • Online Access
    - to all of the above plus much more! 
  • Pharmacist Support
    - guidance, motivation and encouragement provided throughout the program by your Peoples Pharmacist. 

The Peoples Healthy Living Meal Plan is designed not to be a diet but a lifestyle to help you live a healthy life. The meals are designed by a nutritionist to provide you with a balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein. Depending on the information you provide your pharmacist and your individual goals - to gain weight, to lose weight or maintain weight, the combination of exercise and the Peoples Healthy Living meal plan will work for anyone. 

Speak to your Peoples Pharmacist today!

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